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Birthday Lady > Times Square Celebration!

Birthday Lady > Times Square Celebration!

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Exclusive Offer for Birthday Ladies!

If your birthday is coming up in the next 5-7 days, this offer is tailored just for you!

What's Included for the Birthday Lady:
- Your personalized birthday photo displayed on the Times Square Monitor
- Professional video shooting of your ad at the iconic Times Square
- Same-day delivery of the video shooting of your ad


Order now and get your birthday photo at Times Square in 24-48 hours!

About the Monitor:
Located in the heart of New York City, Times Square is renowned for its vibrant energy and iconic billboards. With its high visibility and millions of daily impressions, Times Square offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to reach a wide audience. Advertising in Times Square allows your brand to be associated with the excitement and dynamism of this iconic location, positioning your business as innovative and forward-thinking.


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