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STARTER All-In-One PR Packs #1

STARTER All-In-One PR Packs #1

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Discover the power of strategic publicity with our distinct range of PR Packs, each crafted to cater to different stages of business growth. From budding startups to towering industry giants, our STARTER, GROWTH, ADVANCED, and ULTIMATE packs are designed to amplify your brand's voice across various media platforms. 




Ideal for emerging startups, the STARTER Pack lays the foundation for your brand’s visibility. It includes the distribution of four press releases each on Digital Journal, Benzinga, and 100 selected websites*, along with four articles on New York Insider, NY Weekly, and CEO Weekly. This package is perfect for businesses making their initial foray into market communication and brand establishment. 

You will receive a total of 22 unique press release distributions across more than 300 websites, along with 20 unique article distributions.

When you purchase this PR Pack, you receive publicity solutions at around 2x cheaper than the prices listed on our website.

Package Validity
The PR Pack is valid for 365 days post-purchase. Use the services anytime within a year to align perfectly with your marketing needs.


The Full List of Services:

Price $10,000
Press release on Digital Journal 12
Press release on Benzinga 4
Press release on 100 websites* 4
Press release on TOP 5 websites* 1
Press release on 200 websites* 1
Press release on 500 websites* x
Article on New York Insider 12
Article on NY Weekly 4
Article on CEO Weekly 4
Article on The Chicago Journal x
Article on San Francisco Post x
Article on USA News Post x
Forbes Magazine Advertisement x
Entrepreneur Magazine Advertisement x
Times Square Outdoor Campaign* x
NASDAQ Tower Outdoor Campaign* x
Influencer Marketing Campaign Small* x
Influencer Marketing Campaign TOP* x


*Press release on 100 websites - 100 local US websites.
*Press release on TOP 5 websites - TOP websites including Business Insider, Barchart, AsiaOne, Benzinga, The Globe and Mail.
*Press release on 200 websites - 200 US websites including Business Insider, Barchart, AsiaOne, Benzinga and The Globe and Mail.
*Press release on 500 websites - 500 US websites including Business Insider, Barchart, AsiaOne, Benzinga and The Globe and Mail.

*Times Square Outdoor Campaign - 1-Day Times Square Campaign (Check the link)
*NASDAQ Tower Outdoor Campaign - 1-Day NASDAQ Tower Campaign (Check the link)

*Influencer Marketing Campaign Small - Campaign with up to 15 nano influencers (followers up to 10K)
*Influencer Marketing Campaign TOP - Campaign with up to 50 nano & micro-influencers (followers up to 100K)



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